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The document Sustainable Cleaning was created in 2008 to guide purchasers and specifiers of cleaning products and services in making more sustainable choices. The guidance summary is broken into 3 steps which encompass the full life cycle of environmental impacts. The remainder of the document gives further detail for those wishing to learn more about issues governing sustainability in the professional cleaning sector.

The document was created by a joint group representing the trade associations British Association for Chemical Specialities (BACS) and the UK Cleaning Products Association (UKCPI). The guidance for ingredient selection which appears on pages 6 and 7 of this brochure was first published in 2006, prior to which it was reviewed by the Government’s Advisory Committee on Hazardous Substances . The initiative was subsequently welcomed by the UK Chemicals Stakeholder Forum .

This web version includes additional background information on ingredients and minor updates which have taken place since 2008.